Statement of Activities - As of December 31, 2020

Public Support and Revenue

Contributions from donors and sponsors $176,739
Special Event Revenue $21,100
Other Income $437
Total Revenues $198,276


Awards & Grants $80,000
Program & Event Operations $19,387
Professional Services $20,906
Other Expenses $3,594
Total Expenses $123,887

Change in Net Assets -$74,389
Net Assets, beginning of year $199,887
Net assets end of year $274,276

The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati is survivor & volunteer led organization. Thanks to all of the volunteers, sponsors, and supporters of the Alliance!

Our organization has funded over $ 1.675 Million in Awards and Grants for research and programs to date! The generosity of our donors and sponsors and the hard work and dedication of our all volunteer organization has made this incredible accomplishment possible . Together we will defeat this terrible disease!

Donations for research are made to top tier organizations that select the most promising areas to pursue in early detection, treatment and finding a cure for ovarian cancer. We seek research efforts where not more than 5% of the donation goes to administrative costs. Our research committee is comprised of some of the top local professionals focused on gynecologic cancers. In 2019/20 we funded promising research into development of immunotherapy for the treatment of ovarian cancer with the Ovarian Cancer Research Center at The University of Pennsylvania, made grants to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, Roswell Park Alliance Foundation and The Foundation for Women’s Cancers.

Our grants to Cancer Centers are made to support cancer survivors and caregivers in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Expenses include running our major events (Teal Power 5K, Teal Power ShootOut, Jeans & Jewels Gala) and materials (symptom cards, brochures, Survivor baskets, etc) to support our mission.