Our Organization

Our Mission

The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create public awareness to the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, to provide support, resources, and education to ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers; and to fund research focused on early detection, survivability, and a cure.

Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers, many of us survivors, who are committed to making a difference for women in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State area.

Our Partnership with The Cancer Support Community

Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern KentuckyWe have entered into a partnership with The Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. We share a common interest in providing support to women affected by ovarian cancer. We are part of The Cancer Support Community but maintain a separate account for revenue and expenses. This partnership will allow our donations to have a 501c3 status and give us the ability to direct funds locally. We will provide funding to the Gynecological Cancer Networking Group as well as other cancer programs in this area.

Board of Trustees

  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness ribbonMartha Farr, Co-Chair
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness ribbonDianne Weidman, Treasurer
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness ribbonKaren Herzog, Education
  • Dr. Jack Basil, TriHealth
  • Sara Wilson, OHC
  • Phil Farr
  • Bob Payne
  • Angela Schunk
  • Lisa Schwartz
  • Maryann Lonergan
  • Sophie Lake
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness ribbonDebbie Walter, Co-Chair
  • Terry Barrett, Secretary
  • Andy Walter
  • Dr. Eric Eisenhauer, UC
  • Dr. Ron Hirth
  • Bill Deters, Attorney
  • Michelle Johnson, CSC
  • Barb Meese
  • Julie Stewart
  • Lisa O'Brien
  • Lisa Novakov

Ovarian Cancer Survivor