Gynecologic Oncologists in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Multiple studies conducted over the past decade have shown that an ovarian cancer patient’s chance of survival is significantly improved when her surgery is performed by a gynecologic oncologist. One analysis of multiple studies found that women whose surgeries were performed by gynecologic oncologists had a median survival time that was 50% greater than women whose surgeries were done by general gynecologists or other surgeons inexperienced in optimal debulking procedures. Sometimes referred to as cytoreductive surgery, debulking involves removal of as much of the tumor as possible.

As part of the debulking procedure, doctors try to stage definitively the disease and identify the optimal treatment for the cancer. Proper staging and optimal debulking translate into improved overall survival for women at any stage of ovarian cancer.

Gynecologic oncologists have greater success in treating ovarian cancer as a result of their tendency to perform more aggressive surgery. Women whose tumors have been reduced to less than one centimeter have a better response to chemotherapy and improved survival rate. Gynecologic oncologists also are more likely to perform the multiple peritoneal and lymph node biopsies necessary to ensure adequate surgical staging. The following is a list of local Gynecologic Oncologists which was found through the Society of Gynecologic Oncologist.

Gynecologic Oncologists in Greater Cincinnati

TriHealth Cancer Institute Tristate Gynecologic Oncology

Good Samaritan Medical Office Building
3219 Clifton Avenue, Suite 100
Cincinnati, OH 45220
Phone: 513-862-1888
Fax: 513-862-3616

Bethesda North Ambulatory Treatment Center
10506 Montgomery Rd. , Suite 106G
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Phone: 513-862-1888
Fax: 513-862-3616

St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Tri-State Gynecologic Oncology SEMC Cancer Care Center
1 Medical Village Drive
Edgewood, KY 41017
Phone: 859-301-2237
Fax: 859-301-2607

Jack Basil, MD

James C. Pavelka, MD

Kevin Schuler, MD

Robert Neff, MD


Specialists in cancer and blood disorders for adults
Multiple locations in Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Springfield
Phone: 1-888-649-4800

OHC Blue Ash
4350 Malsbary Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
Phone: 1-888-649-4800
Fax: 1-513-762-2483

OHC Clifton
71. E. Hollister Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
Phone: 1-888-649-4800
Fax: 1-513-762-2483

OHC Fairfield
3050 Mack Road, Suite 300
Cincinnati, Ohio 45014
Phone: 1-888-649-4800
Fax: 1-513-762-2483

OHC West
3301 Mercy Health Blvd., Suite 100
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
Phone: 1-888-649-4800
Fax: 1-513-762-2483

OHC Eastgate
601 Ivy Gateway
Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
Phone: 1-888-649-4800
Fax: 1-513-762-2483

Marcia C. Bowling, MD

Ajit Gubbi, DO

Dene’ C. Wrenn, MD

UC Health

234 Goodman Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219
Phone: 513-584-6373

Amanda Jackson, MD

Thomas Reid, MD

Heather Pulaski, MD

Caroline Billingsley, MD

Thomas Herzog, MD